Tuesday, July 21, 2009

great news!!!

art stars!!!!

i am so excited to finally be getting settled into my new city. it was a big transition, with many unexpected twists and turns, but i am finally starting to feel at home in portland, and let me just say it feels good.

i've made it to a few art openings in the past few weeks, but my internet access is currently limited to my wonderful roommate's dinosaur of a laptop with pirated internet that hadn't been working in a while. so while i've been getting to know the scene i've been taking mental notes for when i finally get cooled down enough to get focused.

steel bridge at night, pdx

the art that i have seen so far has been amazing. portland is a crazy city in that almost everywhere that you go is some form of art venue. coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques. everyone has got art. sure this mass proliferation means that not every artist's work that you see is going to blow your socks off, but it is exciting to see so much creativity in such a small area, and additionally to see so much support for the arts from the city itself!

art lovin' portland mayor sam adams

our mayor sam adams has instituted some amazing support systems for the arts in portland in his brief, scandal ridden career as portland's mayor. say what you will, but the man is on my team. i got a job bartending at a great place on mississippi avenue. last week we catered the opening of the q center down the block, which is the new lbqta center for north portland. sam adams was hosting and though i restrained myself, i really wanted to just give him a big 'ol uncomfortable waist hug for showing the arts so much love.

everett lofts, pdx

last first thursday i had a great time visiting studios near everett. i am planning on revisiting two of the shows to take notes for pieces that i'll write later this week. portland's first thursday is a zoo. its a very see and be seen kind of atmosphere, but what makes me very happy to see is that most of the attendees are actually talking about the art, taking the time to digest and discuss, rather than simply hover around the free booze.