Thursday, September 11, 2008

something amazing

i was just cruising one of my favorite art blogs art addict, a site about collecting contemporary art written by the lovely paige west, and saw something that i thought my left coast friends would appreciate. 

an artist by the name of sighn (who i am rabidly researching because she just became a major art crush) made 1,00,000 thats right one million of these wonderful wood blocks that read ITSOK. each of these pieces is hand carved by the artist, and sold for $20. the icing on the cake is that for every piece sold a tree will be planted. how warm and fuzzy and green does that make you feel? the cut-outs are available at multi polar projects. 

check out paige's blog for a lot of really great insight on contemporary art and tips on how to amass that collection you've been curating in your minds eye (if you're like me and your bank account has yet to match up with your dreams). 

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