Saturday, February 7, 2009


this is so me, i love how she even has a cocktail and converse, i just wish that me in dog form wasn't quite so rolly. and i would think twice about napping in public with that hat.

i like how posting this picture right below my now infamous "party kitty" photo is starting to make me look like one of those weirdo pet people. no folks, i don't buy halloween costumes for my dog (though he would look seriously handsome). 

i know, i know. i have been slacking on the posting recently. 

i'd give you a laundry list of excuses, but the truth of the matter is i've been busy... which makes me tired. oregon winters are dark... i mean really dark. it makes you feel like a black bear, you just want to find a hollow log and go hibernate. if it weren't for this pesky thing called work, and her sister whore ambition i'd be paws deep in a pine needle lined cave right now.

the malia schultheis show at the gallery has been getting really positive responses. sales are slow, but it is not only malia's first solo show, it's her first show EVER, so i take the good word of mouth to be reward enough at the moment (though her work is so strong and priced so shockingly low, there is a part of me that just wants to shout "what are you thinking people?! get it while you still can!!"). i'm working on a review of the show, but since work seems like all i've been doing lately, it is slow going. i have the next two days off, so i'll get it posted this week. 

i've also got an interview with nathan spoor on the way, and some reviews and q+a sessions coming up with a few of the artists for the "menace to propriety" group show, that for various reasons had to be pushed up to may (insert the sound of nail biting here). since the group show got moved up i have to pick up the pace with that, as well as keep my head in the game and get to promoting the solo show my boss booked for next month, and the two person show that i landed for april (my beautiful angelic artists are being so darn patient and flexible, good on 'em). soooooooo... i've got several months of shows to keep working on, portfolios to review, interviews to conduct, networking to do and sometime in all that i have to try to sleep... without over sleeping.

and just when i thought my plate couldn't get any fuller, i got asked to be an expert panelist for an upcoming exhibit at the jordan schnitzer art museum, a HUGE honor, and i'll be working with people in the field who i greatly admire, like larry fong the head contemporary curator at the museum, and ms. kennedy of p.i.c.a. 

even though i'm exhausted often, i feel very inspired by all the recent activity. i had this weird period last year where i felt like my life was in limbo and i was just waiting for something to happen. the recent flurry of activity feels like the beginning of something, and i can't wait to see where it takes me. all i have to do is try to keep my eyes open, and stay grateful.