Wednesday, May 27, 2009

when life gives you lemons... throw them at a passing car...

dear art stars, 

i sincerely apologize for the blatant lack of posts over the past couple weeks. as is true with anyone's life, mine has been a series of peaks and valleys over the past few years. the month of may has brought me nothing but trouble this year. stopping short of spewing a diatribe about all the miserable luck that has befallen me, i will rehash only the detail that seems most prevalent to this blog. last weekend i got robbed, and my lap top was stolen. 

upon waking and seeing the destruction and chaos that was my apartment i immediately called the police to report the kidnapping... for the record the police do not consider the loss of a laptop to be a kidnapping, as they do not consider the bond between computer and blogger to be that of mother and child - despite my best efforts to explain the unimaginable loss that i felt. 

i've been trying to put the pieces of my life back together after the incident (they also stole my purse so i had the arduous task of re-obtaining all of my i.d. and such). i believe strongly that when things like this happen you have to do your best to find the silver lining. yes, my stuff got stolen and my privacy was violated, but on the other hand the universe gave me a grand opportunity to simplify my life. 

instead of replacing the fancy iphone that i had, that to be perfectly honest intimidated me from the get go, i went to a local electronics recycling place and got an old refurbished phone. instead of spending my money drowning my sorrows in expensive vodka presses at the local watering hole, i've been not drinking and running in the free sunshine. instead of blogging from my macbook pro in my lovely little apartment i've been slaving over an old desk top at my 'rents' house. it may not be glamorous, but i've been enjoying reconnecting to the simpler pleasures in life, and by taking an ardently positive approach i've succeeded in reminding myself daily that the thing that i lost are just that... things.

on top of the copious amounts of theft that i've been dealing with it is a transitionary time for me at the gallery. i'll be leaving fenario at the end of june, and though i don't know what my next step will be, i know that i'm ready for it. i've lived in eugene all my life, and though i live fenario and the challenges it provides, the city itself and the art scene here is not as challenging as i'd like it to be. as i've explained to friends, living in the city where i grew up, with the built in safety net of a town that you know intimately, i often feel like i'm sitting in a wheel chair despite the fact that my legs work fine. 

i'm hungry for the next big thing. 

if there's serious gaps in posting, please know that i'm simply spending my time trying to get to the next step, and whatever that is will only serve to broaden my interest in and passion for art. i'll do some posting this week to try to get back on the pony, and from there we'll see where it goes.


breanne! said...

i'm sorry to hear all that bad stuff, but happy to hear how well you've taken it and also really excited for your move and what comes out of it, i know it will be good....
do you know where you're going yet...?

jeff said...

chloe you are an amazing girl with a passion for what you do - art, blogging, life... I'm glad that you haven't lost that and I'm glad that we have you back on your feet and ready for the next big thing.

your friends at curbs and stoops.

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