Tuesday, December 29, 2009

cope2 online gallery at curbs and stoops!

my good friend jeffrey over at curbs and stoops just put up an online gallery of exclusive new works from world famous cope2! we also collaborated on an interview with the legend that should be up soon. i'll keep ya'll posted.

Cope2 grew up in the public housing projects in the late 1970s. He
came to graffiti like everyone else in those days, at an age when
young men and women began to explore the urban labyrinth where we all
lived. Active in the graffiti scene since 1978, Cope2 has grown to
become an ambassador for New York graffiti. Cope2 has a roster of
accomplishment including commissions by Time Life Magazine, an
apperance in Marc Ecko’s 2006 video game, Getting Up: Contents Under
Pressure and a documentary on his life. Despite his success, Cope2
remains the same rugged graffiti artist he was in the 1980s.

You can find the interactive gallery show at :

Any help in spreading the word would be appreciated.

About Curbs and Stoops:
Curbs and Stoops is a non profit organization that is working towards
increasing the accessibility of art across a diverse range of
socioeconomic and cultural communities. Like our name suggests, we
promote art at the thresholds that define our cities, our curbs and
our stoops. This way, art is not a destination, like going to a
museum. Instead, it is a part of our journey. We fulfill our mission
by implementing public art projects, community installations and
street art. We attempt to exploit the extents of interactive media in
order to provide fine art to those who cannot afford gallery prices.
We believe in the necessity for the accessibility of art. Art is no
longer for bankers and heiresses.

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Rox said...

i like the street art.