Friday, May 16, 2008

like daybreak inside a railway tunnel

i say:
leap and the net will appear.

i always wanted to be one of those people who diligently kept a journal, though i can't say that i ever intended on sharing it. i was always one of those people who was attracted to blank books but whose interest petered out after about nine and a half pages. the only time that i managed to record my life with any accuracy was while i was living in greece. journaling while living abroad is a bit like a single person buying a cat to create movement and sound in an empty studio apartment - a talisman against boredom and loneliness. 

so why was i compelled to make myself a blog (a word that still sounds a bit odd and unsavory to me - like the word penis echoing through a stunned classroom of third graders)? well to begin i have deeply rooted fear of loosing my memory, any intellectual ground i've gained simply sloughing off like the aftermath of a sunburn. my life has finally begun to take shape, i finally feel like i'm on the road that university promised but dropped most of us a few blocks short of. i'd feel pretty sour if, when asked by a morose teenager working off community service by bringing their allergy aggrivating pet to my old folks home what being a 24 year old gallery manager in the days before our self imposed ice age hit i can only scratch my butt and shrug. 

so i'm relying on the slightly creepy fact that most everything we put out on the internet is cached somewhere in websoup to bolster my waning memory.

oh, and i really like talking about art, but not everyone wants to listen. i figure this way, its up to you whether you find what i say interesting and want to hear it. if it doesn't tickle your fancy simply slap yourself in the face, remind yourself that you're holed up in your house reading other peoples diaries and GO OUTSIDE. 

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