Friday, May 30, 2008

sheer, unadulterated joy

Robert Longo, Lithograph, Sandy

I am having a panic attack of joy. I feel like I've reached the point in the cycle in which all the good karma I've projected into the universe is finally raining down on me. I emailed Kevin Cyr yesterday and was rewarded with a very gracious response! I plan on writing an entry about his amazing bicycle-camper project: more to come. 

Tonight The Bridge, a really fantastic, dynamic band out of Baltimore is playing at the gallery, AFTER a drop dead gorgeous modern dance performance by local dance troupe, Traduza. Good night for the gallery indeed! I sold two Mark Ryden prints today and got a lot of good work done.

Robert Longo, the man responsible for the above interpretation of "sheer, unadulterated joy" is one of my favorite artists. I love his silhouettes (I'm very drawn to high contrast so artists who work in silhouette, like Longo or Kara Walker) often really draw me in. I also have the good fortune of having the Jordan Schnitzer art museum in my back yard which has an edition of Longo's "Joseph" print in its permanent collection. The image has always made me smile because my very dear friend Joseph is a break dancer (a phenomenal one at that) and he's very big in his movements, which I can see in the unabashed release of the office worker in "Joseph".

(Robert Longo, Jospeh, Lithograph, 2002)

Good things are coming Fenario's way.

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