Tuesday, May 27, 2008

yeah! for artists

(written yesterday 5/28, not sure why it didn't post)

today was a good day. i got a lot done. i got a confirmation that fenario made it onto the juxtapoz gallery guide which is exciting. the more exposure the better, for the gallery as well as the artists that we represent. jen bekman, who is my current art space hero, does a bi-annual photo exhibit called Hey, Hot Shot!, and recently changed the protocol so that less artists were selected and the exhibit lasts longer, maximizing exposure for the photographers. i am so happy to see people going about art exhibition in this way. in an exhibit the art is the star of the show, the artist a close second runner up and the gallery is merely the stage they get crowned on. i like to think of the theoretical art space as a service for the art/ artist. i'm not suggesting that those who run the space itself should get no credit so much as the emphasis ought to beplaced on striving for the best possible outcome for both the gallery and the artist: financially, critically, and visually.  i appreciate and admire ms. bekman's emphasis on what is best for the artist... besides, lets face it without them, we'd starve.

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