Thursday, July 24, 2008

call for artists

Menace to Propriety – June 2009

Fenario Gallery announces its first open call to artists for a 2009 group show entitled “Menace to Propriety.” This show is conceptualized as an opportunity to bring together an exhibit that will startle, delight, disgust and engage. We want to see art that is unconventional, difficult, and perhaps inappropriate, to fill the space with art that possesses its own voice… preferably one that curses like a sailor. In a world in which conformity is often rewarded, we want to showcase art that takes risks, and dances to its own drummer. Submissions ought to in someway embody a sense of rebelliousness towards established aesthetic and artistic parameters. We are not necessarily looking for overt political statements or gratuitous violence, so much as a show in which each individual piece is a surprising revelation, with its own unique quip, message, or shout. We hope to collect works by artists who are not confined by other peoples expectations, and who create, without concern for the opinion of critics and detractors, art that eloquently and boldly expresses their own individual imaginary world. With this exhibit, we hope to create an opportunity for the North West community to absorb recent developments in the underground and pop-surrealism art movements, and to see that the West Coast art scene has long since moved beyond brass bowls of pears and vases of sunflowers (though a naughty interpretation of such a theme would not be beyond my sense of humor). Please send us copies/ photos of pieces you would like to see considered for the exhibit, including medium, dimensions, exhibit history and all relevant contact information by May 8th, 2009.

Fenario Gallery has been a leading contemporary art space in Eugene, OR since 2005. In recent years the gallery has been evolving into a progressive gallery specializing in visionary art, pop-surrealism and urban underground art. Our goal as an art entity is to continue to showcase cutting edge art, which expresses the vision and continued direction of the developing West Coast art scene.

Exhibit Dates: June 5th - ?
Submission Deadline: May 8th
Notification of Acceptance Date: May 15th
Title: “Menace to Propriety”
Venue: Fenario Gallery, 881 Willamette St. Eugene, OR 97401
Jurors: Chloe Gallagher, Gallery Manager, and Brent Rosskopf, Gallery Owner
Entry Fees: Submission is free, but if you would like your entry back please send sufficient postage to have your portfolio returned to you.
Gallery Commission: 50%
Send Submissions to:

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