Saturday, July 19, 2008

Steven Lopez Show

Jill Scott- Hate On Me from Steven Lopez on Vimeo.

things are coming along really well for the lopez show in september. steven designed his own fliers, and they're amazing. i wish i knew how to get one into a form that i could put on this page. next week i'll have one of my geek squad help me out. 

we've decided to leave out the live painting at the opening. we're expecting to be pretty crowded and so logistically it would be tight, and also the opening ought to be a time for people to be able to talk to steven about his work, which would be seriously distracting while trying to create a live painting. we're tentatively planning on having the live painting during eugene celebration the next week, particularly if we book this jazz group that we're trying to get here for the weekend (and if they're funky enough to stimulate steven's creative mojo). 

we've also scheduled the forum that we're orchestrating between steven and the folks at the lane arts council for september 9th. i'm glad that we're going to have a good structured opportunity to talk with the community about public art and similar topics. i'm hoping that we get a large turnout because i love discussing art and hearing people's opinions. 

i got the rest of the funding for steven's travel expenses, so my biggest logistic concern has been put to rest. now i get to focus on how to make the overall event/experience as fun, positive and seamless as i can make it. as i've said again and again, this exhibit feels like my first baby as the gallery's manager, and i couldn't be happier with the way its coming together. i'm a woman who thrives on a sense of accomplishment and i went through a period in my life in which i was involved with very little that fed me that feeling and/or that yielded any tangible results that i could look to for inspiration. i was two baby steps away from finding a fence to whitewash just to see a finished product! luckily patience and persistence have landed me in a position where i yet again have projects that grow and develop into visible, sharable results. i am so very honored that it is in the field of art.

check out this new video of steven doing a live painting of erykah badu:

Erykah Badu- Amerykahn Promise from Steven Lopez on Vimeo.

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