Saturday, July 19, 2008

recent acquisitions

dalek, "the self-absorbed purify" paint on board

we've recently acquired two amazing pieces for the gallery. the first is an original dalek piece. i emailed dalek a flick of the piece to try to get more information on its genesis. dalek was nice enough to answer personally, and informed me that the piece was most likely made in late '99 or early 2000 while he was in school in richmond, VA. 

mike giant original, acrylics, spray paint, and paint pens on masonite

the other piece that we've got is a mike giant original. mike was nice enough to clarify the origins of this piece for me. he said the piece was created in 2003 just before he left the bay area. it debuted at the MOCA DC after it was finished, and is one of the few paintings he's ever made. 

having works by artists of such a high caliber in the galley keeps me motivated. it reminds me that the level of success and talent we want to see reflected in our gallery is well within our grasp and we're finally cresting the rise of the mountain we've been climbing and we're going to be sitting, relaxing enjoying the view soon... until we pick our next mountain. 

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