Friday, August 15, 2008

glitter in my eye

i'm honestly having a hard time getting over jamie vasta's work.

i'm like a freakin' magpie to a lost barrette. 

i first read about jamie's work on meighan's blog. meighan always has impeccable taste, but what i love most about her choices is that she seems to gravitate towards artists with a truly unique aesthetic or process. if you can believe it jamie's work is made entirely of glitter, and if you were expecting motifs that match glitter as a material you're going to be pleasantly surprised (or unpleasantly unsettled, depending on what you like). i would include some images, but i've yet to email jamie, when i get to it i'll edit the post and include a couple of my favorites. until then run don't walk to her site to see her incredible creations. 

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