Friday, August 15, 2008

i heart the internets

i've spent pretty much all of my free time over the past few days madly searching out art on the internet. while my sensory organs are satiated, my tan is fading fast. i feel like a myopic albino, violently blinking at the sun like some unwelcome aggressor. yet another reason that i'm excited for my trip: i'll be able to take in art in an active/interactive fashion rather than leaning on the googles like a crutch.

however bad for my vitamin k levels the internet may be, i LOVE the internet. i was never that girl until i had my baby (aka got my laptop). the beauty of it is the ease with which i can run full tilt through the labyrinthine thought tunnels my hamster wheel of a brain creates. i've mentioned before how spastically and hyperactively my brain works. my brain works at a frenetic pace, which is not always conducive to logical thinking, but which seems to suit a creative life style just fine. 

what i'm really learning to appreciate about the art history education that i received is how it can create an instant star chart of inspirations in my mind when i see a new work of art. i find a new artist and almost imposed over what i see with my eyes is a mind's eye constellation network of works and movements that i can identify with the work. i really appreciate outsider art and folk art and the likes, so i never assume that the artist themselves has the art history nerd inspirations that i impose on them, but they help shape my personal connection to a piece and it helps retain my fascination with art's history and trajectory. history repeats, in wars and in art. it speaks to the organicism of art, that the same themes, characters, and stories crop up generation after generation. when i see a tale told in a contemporary work of art that i have seen told in older works from all over the world it hammers home how similar we all are, over cultures, distance and time. 

one of the ideas that i developed over the past couple AV Lab-ish days is a Peter Max style 60s phunkadelic group show. i love the psychadelic, raver color palette of artists like mr. pinky, martin head, and oliver hibert

plus all the old hippies will trip out reliving their yellow submarine days. and i'll love watching them trip out ('cause i love old hippies, they're cuddly).


breanne! said...

i could spend forever and ever looking around at art.
theres so much of it!

Anonymous said...

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Marguerite Chadwick-Juner said...

This old hippie logs in to let you know that Yellow Submarine was the brilliant work of Heinz Edelmann, not Peter Max.