Thursday, August 28, 2008


music lovers take note!

friday september 12th fenario gallery will be having a show with east coast impressionistic jazz trio jacob fred jazz trio

jfjo has been playing together since 1994, and have created quite a following for themselves. the group is signed to hyena records, same label that our friends the bridge call home, which i'm rapidly beginning to trust as a source of cutting edge, non-derivative music (a drink of cool water in a desert of sandy, head-ache inducing "pop" music - side note: didn't the pop music genre once include acts like the beatles and elvis costello? what caused such a drastic syntactical landslide in the past thirty years, and who can i kick in the shins for allowing it?). 

jfjo's stop at the fenario should be a good chance for eugenians to get hip to that which the eastern seaboard has already been slathering over for over a decade. sometimes i have difficulty describing music. i find myself describing it as i would a painting, even lofting into art historical terms and making tenuous, snobby sounding allusions to a given song's homage to an ingres odalisque or something obscure and obtuse. but with jfjo, my sometimes misaligned dialect seems to work. i don't call them "impressionistic" because i hear their music and see seurat, i call it impressionistic because their musical landscapes have the en-plein-air quality of art that doesn't bother with stuffy, established aesthetic norms. if i could make tangible their sound, i would put it in my "menace to propriety" show. 

i'm not entirely sure what to expect of their show on the 12th. from what i've gathered on youtube their performances seem singular and uncanny. they have an eerily psychic musical communication on stage, and perhaps some of that energy is transfered to the audience. maybe an esp-high is the cause of their fans' devotion ;) i'll look forward to experiencing it for myself, hope that you join us. 

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