Tuesday, June 3, 2008

and the "MUST watch" award goes to:

since i'm on the cinema tip I must expound the virtues of "castle in the sky" my personal favorite of master Hayao Miyazaki (tough closely followed by "nausicaa of the valley of the wind"). i know what you're thinking: "chloe, i didn't take you for such a big anime nerd!" but if blogs are about the freedom to show your open, honest taste then i gotta admit i just loooooooove that asian animation! ever since seventh grade when my epically hip french teacher played us a french dubbed version of "my neighbor totoro" i've been hooked. for me they harken back to the early hand rendered disney's like "fantasia" and "snow white", but less veiled fascism and more mythical elements of magical realism. but be forewarned: you may DIE of the beauty of this film. seriously, have your doctor on call. 

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