Monday, June 9, 2008

what a whirlwind!

 (MIT's Whirlwind digital computer, 1951, this "reliable operating system" debuted on Edward Murrow's "See It Now")

So the past few days have certainly been a hurricane, but luckily a happy, successful one. 

We had a modern dance troupe, Traduza Dance Co., perform in the gallery space for four nights last week. Traduza's show was really very moving, and something really special for me to see unfold in our space. The show was a series of dance vignettes, each with a different style and expressing a different range of emotions. Rather than having the audience sit stationary in seating they moved the crowd, interacted with them, and danced in and around them, creating a really dynamic, exhilarating show. There was really something for everyone. Happy pieces, sad pieces, it was a gamut of emotions (but them again, I'm really quite the "feeler" as my friend likes to call me). At Sunday's matinee performance there were a lot of kids, which was neat. I liked peeking through the curtains and watching them watch the dancers. There was such wonder and glee on their faces. There was one piece in particular where one of the performers did a great dance in a costume similar to an electric blue Telletubby, and to hear the shrieks of laughter coming from the kids was so fun. I am glad that people in my community are exposing their children to the beauty of dance. My mom used to take me to the ballet when I was a kid, and I've never forgotten what it felt like to be frozen in my seat in awe. 

And what talented, beautiful dancers! Being one of the most inflexible people on the planet (no seriously my ham strings are about three inches long), I am a huge fan of dance performances because it gives me chills to see the facility and grace with which some people can move their bodies. There is just such joy and freedom in the suppleness of their movements. They got stellar reviews, and they were exceptionally gracious and appreciative towards us for letting them us the space. Personally, I say that it was Fenario that lucked out. What an outstanding opportunity for us to use the space in a new way, and gage the community's reaction. The response was overwhelmingly positive. We received a lot of accolades from the local press about our willingness to use our space in a new way. Apparently Valedia, the dance company's head, asked several art galleries and was turned down. WHY? I'm tempted to back track to all the galleries that she approached before us and ask what their concern could possibly be. We as an art community, cannot afford to be scared of new ideas!! We can't afford to live in the shell of preciousness that fine art is so often ensconced in. It is a waste of time to wonder "what could go wrong?", only those of us willing to teeter excitedly on the edge of "what could go right" will have a place in art's future. 

Over and out.

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