Monday, June 9, 2008

First Friday Results

Our opening on Friday of the "Shamanic Visions: The Andes Awakening" went really well. The art was well received, and we sold several pieces (not a small feat on a Eugene First Friday). I'm fairly certain that I sold The informational didactics that myself and Daniel (the Q'ero tribe's legal representative, and our liason for the show) made brought an interesting angle to the show. Since it was a pilot project for me, I would rate it a total success. I thought it added a certain degree of professionalism to the exhibit. 

The textiles were a challenge to hang, but with the collective brain power of Braxton our resident framer, and Jessica who hangs all of our shows, we found some clamps at a fabric store that were made for quilting shows and were delicate enough for the centuries old textiles. 

Ok... one of my best friends in the whole world, Arielle, just called me. She's leaving for Israel for six weeks on Wednesday and is understandably a little frantic. Gotta run, and make her some food, help her pack, and soothe her nerves. Travel is fun, but the days leading up to it can feel like a heart attack waiting to happen. I'll post more about the show later (and hopefully my Kevin Cyr interview!!)

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