Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fenario's June Exhibition

This Friday Fenario gallery is having an opening for our new exhibit Shamanic Visions: The Andes Awakening. The show will feature the art of Peruvian Shaman Luis Salinas Quispe, with sacred textiles provided by the Q'ero tribe. His palette is so vibrant and eye catching, and there's not many complaints that you can volley at canvases that depict the beauties of Quispe's rainforest home 18,000 feet up in the Andes.

The canvases came to us unstretched in rolls. We quickly realized that they had recently been cut off stretcher bars, leaving us with little to no room to restretch them. The only possible way to hang them was to restretch the canvases and go into the image a but. The result was the image wrapping around the stretcher bars, full bleed, which actually looks really fresh, and I think makes them pop even more. We've still got the space shut to the public, and the actual hanging hasn't begun yet, so I look forward to seeing what the show looks like when its up on the walls. 

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